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​What is a "Nangokudai"?

"Nangokudai" is a tilapia that is raised in the farm of Cambodia Fresh Farm and flash frozen. It is a registered trademark in Japan and Cambodia.

Our aquaculture farm is equipped with a "filtration device", which is still rare in Cambodia, and thoroughly manages water quality.

In addition, the fish delivered to the processing plant is rapidly frozen at a speed 20 times faster than usual after being processed quickly and appropriately. The processing plant is equipped with the highest standard of sanitary equipment that is accepted in Japan under the guidance of Japan's leading sanitary product manufacturer "Saraya". Regular hygiene training for employees is also essential.

<Characteris of"Nangokudai ">

1. Raised in clean water, no odor

2. Sanitary processing by quick freezing, safe even for sashimi

​3. Boneless fillet for easy cooking

High protein, low fat super fish

​ "Nangokudai" has the same high protein and low fat content as red sea bream and chicken breast, so it is attracting attention from people who are on a diet and muscle training. In addition, because of its high nutritional value, it is served as a snack for kindergarten children in Cambodia. Easy to eat and delicious, it has become a popular snack.

​ Taste recognized by cooking professionals

"Nangokudai" was first recognized by Japanese chefs in Cambodia. It is sold at high-end restaurants headed by Japanese chefs, Japanese restaurants, and the Japanese supermarket AEON, and is enjoyed by everyone who says it is delicious, easy to prepare, and safe to eat raw. The fact that Japanese chefs and Japanese consumers choose us proves the high quality of our tropical sea bream.

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