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Information on tropical sea bream products

We will deliver from 1 pack to the desired location! Free delivery within Phnom Penh.

Tel: 012 811 343 (Japanese) 076 337 7773 (Khmer, English)


We also accept it on our Facebook page.      Cambodia Fresh Farm

fillet with skin

Skinless boneless fillet  $5

(Approx. 220g per pack, frozen)

Quick-freeze the fresh tropical sea bream.

It's safe and secure, and you can eat even sashimi.

Boneless and easy to cook!

​boneless fillet with skin  $5

(Approx. 220g per pack, frozen)

Ichijime tropical sea bream is quickly frozen while still fresh with the skin on.

It's safe and secure, and you can eat even sashimi.

Boneless and easy to cook!

​Dried sea bream overnight  $4 (refrigerated)

Boneless fillet of tropical sea bream dried overnight.

Just by lightly grilling it, it becomes fragrant and full of flavor. Enjoy it for breakfast or as a side dish with sake.

​It's a taste you won't get tired of.

​Fried tropical sea bream  $4 (frozen)

Skinless and boneless fillet of tropical sea bream coated in bread crumbs and fried. Just fry in oil at home. As a side dish for dinner, for a lunch box. You can also put it in bread and make it a fish burger!

​ Furikake "Megumi"  $1.5

A nutritious furikake made from the meat and bones of tropical sea bream. You can of course use it over white rice, but you can also enjoy it in salads and fried rice. The package is the work of a young Cambodian designer.

​surimi  $5 (200g, frozen)

I made surimi of southern sea bream.

Make it into a fish ball and use it for a hot pot dish or soup. You can also make homemade satsuma-age by kneading vegetables, beans, and seaweed into it.

​calcium powder  $5

The bones of the southern sea bream are powdered.

A powder rich in calcium. It has no odor, so even children who don't like fish can enjoy it.

Please use it as a secret ingredient in miso soup, soup, boiled food, stir-fried food, etc.

​Whole 1kg $7.5 (frozen)

I removed the internal organs of the southern sea bream and quickly frozen it.

It can be used for grilled whole, fried chicken, and tropical sea bream rice. Because it was raised under strict water quality control, it is completely safe and secure!


​Smoked sea bream $4.5

I tried to elegantly smoke tropical sea bream (tilapia) with Cambodian chips.
You can enjoy the deep flavor that spreads in your mouth with the aroma of Cambodian chips and Kurata Pepper's pepper.

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